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Stories from Church Starters

How To Start A Church: Don’t

How do you start a church? You don’t. Six years in, I find myself still trying to make it happen. Striving to create. Carrying the burden, the weight of the success or failure of the thing. Six years of misplaced anxiety. I know better but it doesn’t change my...

Being a Forgiving Church

I started a church with two groups of otherwise drastically different people: church first-timers and first-time is a long-timers. So, from the onset, our church has seen everything in our people from theological blank slates to 4-5 point Calvinism, from the most...

When Doubt Comes For Us All

Doubt is real. We’ve done a better job at creating space for people to ask difficult questions and wrestle with their faith, to wrestle with God. When people can be authentic, doubt doesn’t seem to be far behind. It’s unfortunate but that’s what I’m realizing. The...