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Our Own Stable Of Preachers

A stable of preachers. It’s a phrase that has been on my mind the past few weeks. Last month, I read an article about small churches finding retired pastors to fill their pulpits in order to provide a sabbatical for their pastors. What a beautiful expression of the...

God Wants This Church Start

If someone had asked me to describe church starting six months ago, I would have said that it is the hardest thing ever. I would have said this partly because I lacked confidence in my ability to be a starter, especially the starting pastor. I believed that I was far too shy, introverted, and did not have a large enough group of friends and family to get things going. Truth be told, I never even wanted to pastor, let alone start a church. My perspective has changed, however! Why? Because God has taught me the deepest lesson in church starting to date: as much as I want this, God wants it more, much more!

Let’s Talk About Money

I know, I know. I don’t like talking about it either. But maybe you can learn from some of our missteps. When we first planted The Restoration Project, we were idealistic. We wanted to do things differently, in a lot of ways, and money was certainly one of them. Doug...


Church planting has a certain wandering component. A small band of travelers has a sense that they are going somewhere, being led somewhere, but doesn’t exactly know where they are going, yet feels nonetheless, called. If there were no sense of needing to go...