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Stories from Church Starters

Being a Forgiving Church

I started a church with two groups of otherwise drastically different people: church first-timers and first-time is a long-timers. So, from the onset, our church has seen everything in our people from theological blank slates to 4-5 point Calvinism, from the most...

When Doubt Comes For Us All

Doubt is real. We’ve done a better job at creating space for people to ask difficult questions and wrestle with their faith, to wrestle with God. When people can be authentic, doubt doesn’t seem to be far behind. It’s unfortunate but that’s what I’m realizing. The...

It’s the Little Things

I’m sure there are church starters for whom the whole process rumbles along smoothly, with momentous events coming one after another like big waves off Waikiki. They start the whole process with a large committed core group sent from a supportive parent church, their...

The Evolution of a Pastor

When we first started The Restoration Project, I was young(ish)—31. And even though I had been to Bible college and seminary, completed PhD coursework twice (long story), and worked in various ministry contexts for over 10 years, there was a lot of stuff that I did...

Leading the Ensemble

I recently attended a Christmas celebration that my local city governance throws every year, the sort where they barricade a block of downtown, inflate massive rainbow slides, and line artists and vendors down the sidewalks who sell over priced food and unique texan...