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After attending the  2016 CBF Assembly and being commissioned as a church planter, we were excited. But our mission was even more excited when I told our people about the $12 million campaign. The vision to fully support our missionaries touched our church family....

Why We Must Start Churches

“We are planting a church to welcome those who feel unwelcomed,” stated Russ Jones, pastor of Mosaic Fellowship in Belton, Texas. He is starting a new church to be an open place for the marginalized. Wayne Weathers, pastor of Vision of Hope Baptist Church in...

Can I believe it all again today?

“Every morning you should wake up in your bed and ask yourself: ‘Can I believe it all again today?’ No, better still, don’t ask it till after you’ve read The New York Times, till after you’ve studied that daily record of the world’s brokenness and corruption, which...

They Tell You Self-Care is Important

I Work with Brilliant People I need to share a story about taking care yourself, and allowing God to… What I am about to share is not an attempt to be self-aggrandizing, self-righteous, or self-centered. Nor is it a roundabout way of getting out of my current...

It’s About Relationships

Over the years I have read many books and articles about church starting. I even took classes in Seminary related to the subject. I have found that the vast majority of church starting ideas seem to stress the group outreach mentality.   By this I mean the idea...