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Stories from Church Starters

We want to use this opportunity to share in summary our story on how we started Shiloh Restoration Church. Â Looking at refugees lives in Raleigh North Carolina especially those living in Cedar Point Community we understood that refugees where really getting assisted...

Adapting to the Call

When I started the Forum Christian Church, it was really just a church of five: my wife, three kids, and me. The church had no other Christians. Rather, it was filled with folks who had never been to church, stopped going to church, knew God, didn't know God, and...

The Danger of Looking in the Rear Mirror!

In 2015, I organized Vision of Hope Baptist Church and found that I had a very challenging dilemma.  I needed to select and train individuals to become leaders at our church; however, I found myself in fear.  My fear was not a result of being afraid to ask some of our...

Strengthened Through the Struggle

Strengthened Through the Struggle   Did you know that one plus one equals eleven? It is true in "spiritual mathematics" when it comes to unity. Ecclesiastes 4:12b informs us, " A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" (NIV). Our church start has been hit hard by...