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Stories from Church Starters

Strengthened Through the Struggle

Strengthened Through the Struggle   Did you know that one plus one equals eleven? It is true in "spiritual mathematics" when it comes to unity. Ecclesiastes 4:12b informs us, " A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" (NIV). Our church start has been hit hard by...

Staying Steadfastly Focused on the Path to Mission Fulfillment When people ask me, "how many do you have in your little church?" or "do you have a building yet?" and I am tempted to become discouraged, I return to some "lessons-learned" principles to keep focused...

Podcast: Alexia Salvatierra

A Conversation with Alexia Salvatierra       On Tuesday, September 5 Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the rescinding of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). There is the political response to this. There is the Democrat, Republican, and Independent...

Podcast: Brian Zahnd

A Conversation with Brian Zahnd Imagine what it would look like to dismantle the mega church you started. You are not starting satellite campus or birthing new churches. Rather, you have decided to begin preaching and practices a gospel that is not intertwined with...

Don’t Worry…. Be Obedient

Don't Worry.... Be Obedient Henrietta Burton Anderson, Pastor Faith Ministries Church, Henrico VA When you worry it will cause an unbalance in your mind, body and spirit. Which will cause consequence: Sleeplessness, upset stomach, headache, heart palpitations',...

Taking the Fear Out of Church Planting

No one told me, or if they did I didn’t listen, that church starting has the capacity to be an extremely frightening endeavor. I didn’t anticipate the sleepless nights, the fear of failure, the anxiety of who might show up or be a missing person on Sunday morning. I...