We want to use this opportunity to share in summary our story on how we started Shiloh Restoration Church. Â

Looking at refugees lives in Raleigh North Carolina especially those living in Cedar Point Community we understood that refugees where really getting assisted with some of their social needs but spiritually they found themselves isolated because of language barriers frustration. They were attending churches but not understanding what is going on the church because they can’t understand English language, this obstacle led them to setback and stay at home without attending any church.

Looking at obstacle; I felt a call from God to launch Swahili church in the community to provide hope to Swahili speaking folks who are dealing with challenges and despair in their lives but not attending any church due to language barriers.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we first started with a small team of people committed to loving God and loving others. We began meeting every Sunday for prayer, dialogue and envisioning. Our deepest desire has been to help Swahili speaking people to grow in genuine community and use this community as a springboard to reach others for the Kingdom of God.

Due to our unique characteristics and culture, we realized that we can reach out to all Swahili speaking people in different communities with the gospel and prevent them from false preachers trying to deceive people.

After much planning and prayers, we embrace a vision to start a new Swahili speaking church in the community to serve as gospel centered outpost of the kingdom of God.

In November 13th, 2016, we held our first public worship service at the Saint Philip Lutheran Church, 7304 Falls of Neuse Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615 basement Hall. This first service encouraged us and reminded us that our existence wasn’t defined by what people can see or say neither by a comfortable space, but people who loved Jesus and who love each other, and longed to see the hope of Christ spread. We believe that one day by God’s grace we will have our own comfortable and permanent place of worship.

After a successful birth of Shiloh Restoration Church in the community, people start coming and we continue to grow by the help of the Holy Spirit. This journey has brought joy and happiness to me and the entire congregation.

In this journey, we really need prayers most especially for:

  1. We are believing God for a space that can be available for us at all time for church growth activities. The space we’re using now is available only on Sundays from 11.00 am – 4.00pm, this doesn’t help us with church grow activities.
  2. We need transportation (church van) for our members who doesn’t have transport on their own. The need to purchase a van still really a priority for us now.
  3. having a missionary calling, please pray that God can grant us more mission opportunities, bring more people to God and start more churches.
  4. we also need all kinds of resources (financial, materials, clothing, foods), as we all know refugees are always coming with needs to be met by the church. So, please help us pray for God provision.

We have volunteering opportunities for children ministry and youth, any assistance in this area will be a plus for us. The contact person for this is Pastor Felix @ (919) 349-2486 or E-mail: pastorfelix@srechinc.org