Growth can be addicting.  There are a plethora of materials available for personal growth, professional growth, church growth, growing your business, etc.  If our desire for growth goes unchecked, we can find ourselves in a never-ending revolving door of consuming the next “self-help” book that’s going to get us from where we are to where we want to be. 

Admittedly, I’ve enjoyed reading books on various topics about mental/emotional health, leadership, and other areas of personal growth.  And, I found them to be helpful.  However, there was an undercurrent of unhealthy assumptions and desires that needed to be addressed for the information I was taking in to be most valuable and effective.  To illustrate what I mean, let me tell you about some tomato plants. 

As a young boy in Oklahoma, I  remember having tomato plants in the back yard.  We would add Miracle Grow to them in order to stimulate their growth.  Applying something that would make them grow faster fed my desire to hurry up the growth process and see the finished product of the juicy tomatoes that we would get to enjoy. 

There’s no telling what chemicals we were adding to those tomato plants that we would later eat.  The truth is, the best tomato we could have gardened is one that grew at its natural pace.  It would grow into all that it was suppose to be and serve its purpose.  There was no hurrying to be done if we wanted the best possible tomato.

I think this is true for us personally and professionally.  If we want long-lasting, sustainable, and quality growth, we have to give ourselves the time that it takes to accomplish such growth.  It’s not an easy process, but it’s worth it.  Also with purposeful waiting, as we journey with others who are going through the same process, we have an understanding of all the work the other person is putting in to achieve the growth they desire.  Then, we position ourselves in a posture of grace and encouragement that comes at the right time to move the other person along on their time-frame and not our own.   

Here are 5 points to consider about growth that may help you.

  • Resist the urge to grow overnight – Trust and enjoy the growth journey
  • Talk with someone who can talk you through healthy goals
    • This is more of someone who can help you brainstorm session
  • Look for healthy accountability
    • Find people who can communicate honestly with you without putting you down or talking about everything that you’re not doing
  • Watch others with eyes and a mind of grace as they grow – they are fighting their own battles
  • Be grateful for the growth you and others have experienced 

I hope you found this helpful and encouraging.  If so, I’d be grateful if you would share it with someone that may find it helpful as well.