Carrie_Tuning-CBFAs a new church starter, I am always looking for creative and economical ways to raise money for my church as well as honoring others in the process.  As we approach Mother’s Day, I think a fun way to honor the mothers in your church could be having a “Rainbow Tea.”  Most Rainbow Teas have only included the mothers and their daughters, however; many mothers do not have daughters and could possibly feel left out.  Therefore, all mothers along with their sons and daughters should be invited to attend.  Allowing the sons to attend will show them how to honor and respect their mother.  Please do not discriminate when it comes to age.  Everyone can learn something about honoring mothers and the significance of the rainbow.

You will need at least one mother and her child(ren) to sponsor one table for each of the seven colors in the rainbow. Depending on the number of mothers within your church, you can have several mothers and their children equally sponsor one of the seven colors of the rainbow which will make it even more economical. Every table’s food, tea and decor corresponds to its assigned color, such as red roses and carnations, Tea can be raspberry flavored green tea or even an herbal Red Zinger, strawberries, red velvet cake, red jello, red cupcakes, red punch for young children in red sippy cups, barbeque chicken, red cherry tomatoes, red cherries, and salsa on a red section table.  If there is a shortage of teacups, a great place to look is at your local thrift store.  The Dollar Tree is also a great place to purchase napkins, and other decorations for your table or section.

Each mother and her child(ren) assigned a table or color section of the rainbow tea are competing for a prize for the best design or theme and should ask for pledges to raise as much money as possible for your church.

The significance of the rainbow can be found in Genesis 9:12, 15, Ezekiel 1:28 and Revelation 4:1, 3.  Some of the children can read the scripture, write poetry to recite, do a skit, help with the decorations and sing “Over the Rainbow” as the finale.  All children should be encouraged to make a special craft for his or her mother according to age.  A good place to purchase craft kits in bulk is  To make this a grand family affair, the fathers could set up the tables, act as servers, photographers and assist with the cleanup in order for the mothers and children to enjoy a special day together.

The order of the rainbow colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white.  The color red symbolizes the blood Jesus shed when he died to cover humanity’s sin. The color orange corresponds to creativity and rebirth. Yellow represents God’s perfect light, sunshine, wisdom and clear thinking.  Green represents all of God’s creation and nature. Blue is symbolic of water, baptism and spirituality and represents the promise that believers will go to Heaven. The color purple represents Jesus’ exchange of his royalty for persecution so humanity can have the best promises of life, while white is symbolic of purity and how Jesus’ death and resurrection gave humanity a chance at righteousness.

Lastly, the table or section to raise the most money and with the best decoration could receive gifts with your church logo on it.  You could order bulk gifts to present to all the children from

What a great way to honor mothers and raise money for your church!

Rev. Dr. Carrie Jarrell Tuning, Pastor

Hope Christian Fellowship Baptist Church