When I started the Forum Christian Church, it was really just a church of five: my wife, three kids, and me. The church had no other Christians. Rather, it was filled with folks who had never been to church, stopped going to church, knew God, didn’t know God, and everything in between. We spent two years with this group, and a lot of good came out of it, but also some bad. Some grew to love God and the church, others decided to part ways with us to return to their previous lives, still others left us as God called them to a new area of life. It’s been a joyous time and a difficult one. A time of blessing and a time for reform.

Last month, our church went “all in.” We decided as a people to start a church that interacts with more than our relational networks. We decided to serve the city. The Holy Spirit prompted us for this shift, and it was in good timing. Soon after our church made a physical move to a place centered in the middle of our city with a new ministry philosophy in hand, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. We mobilized quickly and have been serving every week since, helping with clean-up, mud-out, and reconstruction.

Often times, I feel as if God is calling us to be a “new church,” one that is adapting and changing for the way in which God is speaking to us today. We have to keep our eyes opened, our minds cleared, and ears in good hearing, lest we miss God’s Spirit move in our city.

Church starting really begins with a calling. A call to follow God in midst of a busy and changing world. All we need to do is be vigilant, keeping watch for the new work that God is calling us to engage, interact, or build.