For those of us engaged in ministries of faith sharing and church starting, it seems that we are always waiting for something. We wait for a core group to form, for relationships to grow, for the right meeting space, for a name and an identity, for direction and for leadership.

We wait with these milestones in mind, and all the while, the kingdom of God is coming near.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kingdom of God. The Israelites longed for and anticipated God’s kingship to come and to meet the only expectations they had ever known. They looked for him in military might or in a cosmic revolution. Instead, he was born into the world as a tiny, helpless baby boy. Most continued to wait, unable to see and experience this new, counter-cultural kingdom.

In our anxiety to reach certain milestones, I wonder what we miss. Don’t get me wrong, milestones are good. They are important, and they can help us move forward in becoming the kind of kingdom communities God is leading us to become. Yet, in our waiting for them to arrive, is it possible that we miss something really important? Is it possible that in our waiting for growth and what we call “success”, we forget to stop and give thanks for the small, seemingly insignificant ways that God is bringing something new into being?

I guess what I’m asking, church starters and faith sharers, is for us to do something significant in our waiting. I’m asking us to consider the ways that God is breaking in even now. Before the by-laws are written or the financial resources are solidified…how is love being shown, acceptance being experienced, healing being found or grace being received? During this season of waiting as we lead others to experience Advent and Christmas, may we also find that God is present in the wait. In ways we could have never planned or predicted, God is with us. Don’t miss it.

Photo credit: Faithlab