Coaching Network

One of the methods of building a catalyst of support for our church starters is through professional coaching.

Our coaches are not experts. In fact, a healthy coaching relationship is not about giving answers as much as to facilitate a deep conversation.

Coaches help church starter to be strategic, prayerful, and intentional about how he or she is approaching self-care, leadership development, ecclesial goals, and pastoral abilities.

Coaches listen deeply and frame powerful questions to encourage and promote discovery, discernment and possibilities that are realistic and attainable.

CBF has developed a network of coaches who are grounded in our philosophy of church starting. Many of our coaches are commissioned CBF new church starters.

For those we choose to commission, CBF provides three years of professional coaching.

If you are interested in coaching, contact Kyle Tubbs, who will ask you to write a brief description of your ministry context, strategic goals, and desired outcome for coaching.