I am reflecting today on the tragedy, which occurred earlier this week in Parkland, FL. It is unfathomable that these school-related tragedies keep occurring and innocent children keep dying while our leaders offer no legitimate or effective response. Some argue that it is not about guns but that it is about damaged people. While others insist that gun control is the only answer. While the arguments continue to persist and no solutions are found, children needlessly continue to die. The thought that keeps me awake at night is simply this…doing nothing isn’t okay. Inertia is not the solution. The tragedies keep repeating themselves and nothing changes. Young lives are lost, families are destroyed, and terror reigns while our politicians do nothing more than point fingers and blame each other.


Perhaps it’s time to realize that the problem isn’t political or cultural. It’s spiritual. What Washington D.C. can’t cure, fervent prayer can. The body of Christ needs to ban together and go to battle immediately. We must use our resources and our influence, as well as our compassion to bring peace to those who have suffered the most. I’m not sure about you but I have no trust in our President or our Legislature to ever offer effective change. However, I have no doubt that God can bring peace out of the chaos and offer comfort to those who grieve. What must happen before we care enough to act? Does it have to happen in our town? Do our families have to suffer? How close to home before it affects you? May we, as Christ-followers, who call ourselves the CBF, refuse to ignore the pain and grief of others. May we covenant with one another to do everything in our power to thwart this vicious and senseless cycle.