Don’t Worry…. Be Obedient

Henrietta Burton Anderson, Pastor

Faith Ministries Church, Henrico VA

When you worry it will cause an unbalance in your mind, body and spirit. Which will cause consequence: Sleeplessness, upset stomach, headache, heart palpitations’, unfocussed thoughts and aimlessness.

While going through the church start process, I have experience all of these reactions. I was trying to figure it all out using my human nature. I was working on the core group, location, supplies, support group, funding, personal finances and the rest. I became so overwhelmed because things were not working out the way I thought they should.

I explained all of these concerns to my best friend, then she asked me one question, “If you are doing what God has set your feet to. Why are your worrying?” That was my Ah Ha moment. I realized that I needed to move self out of the way. I dawned on me that to do the work was not about what I could give God but what he wanted from me to do the work. 1 Samuel 15:22 (CEV) “Tell me,” Samuel said. “Does the LORD really want sacrifices and offerings? No! He doesn’t want your sacrifices. He wants you to obey him. At the moment I opened my mind, heart and spirit and rested in the presence of God as it became clear that God was at work. Once I moved out of my own way I was able to see what God was already doing. The team came together, financial seeds came, a location was found, and supplies provided and found my peace.

As you start your journey in the Church Start process, take this small advise, don’t worry be obedient to the God who has entrusted you to this work. Trust me everything else will fall into place.