The following post comes from one of CBF’s newly approved field personnel, Drew Phillips. Read the story of his hopes and dreams for the coming year. Click here to support and learn more about Drew’s ministry.

Chick-fil-AI try to model my approach to a new year on the cousins, Mary and Elizabeth.

We see pregnant Elizabeth greeting (unbeknownst to her) pregnant Mary with excitement and a nod toward prophecy.

We’ll see Mary after the birth of the Messiah, “pondering,” in a reflective mood.

I think the New Year is a way to center the Christian tension of dreaming (embodying Elizabeth’s excitement) and pondering (remembering with Mary).

I think about the past year, the surprises, the growth, the hurt, the additions, the loss and I’m almost overwhelmed anticipating the unexpected of the new year.

I tell the kids of the Christian Activity Center (CAC) that God breathed dreams into them before they were born and the world needs to see and hear and hold its children to their God-given dreams. But dreams, even for a future and a “life more abundant” are never safe. Their execution require risk and faith and perseverance. And with children they require adults who remind and remind and remind…

In many ways 2013 looks like previous years:
-We’ll continue to serve children “holistically”
-We’ll continue to welcome outsiders from all over the country to love and learn with our kids
-We’ll continue to worship and serve together
-And we’ll keep praying as if all we do depends on God and working as if it depends upon us

Here are some surprises I’ve learned to expect:
-Children will surprise: we will experience both profound disappointment and profound joy (often in the same child!)
-We will meet new friends
-We will lose old friends
-We will be blessed in ways that make loaves and fishes seem commonplace

And through it all our neighborhood will look to us for presence and stability and love.

With God’s help and the prayers we haven’t even met, we will show up and trust God to, as well.

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