During the evening of October 11, six of our church family went to “Kids Against Hunger (KAH)” headquarters in Cairo, Georgia to pack  family meal packets to be sent to hungry families living in crisis areas of our world.  As we worked, I spoke with Anne Horne, one of the co-founders of this ministry. I learned that they had a vision to save as many children from starvation as possible.  They started very small with just their family purchasing the food and packing the bagged meal. Over the last fifteen years, they have grown considerably. This next year, they have a goal to pack and to send 750,000 packets.

Our church has been invited to be a part of this ministry. Although we are small and cannot give much money, the six who participated on October 11 caught the vision of this ministry! We packed enough meals just that one night to feed 324 families! We saw in our imagination hungry families eating these meals thanking God for the food and for the ones who sent it,

As our members reflected on that night of packing meals, we were reminded that James, Chapter 2, warns us about sharing the gospel while neglecting that person’s needs. We felt affirmed that we had opened  hearts to the gospel through first filling a hungry stomach. I tell people that our mission church is like an atom: very small but full of energy! I am so grateful that our people believe in making a difference through the love of Jesus Christ.

Reflecting Jesus’ love,

Ron McCaskill, Pastor

Christchurch Cairo