When God called my wife and I to start a church in a mobile home park, little did we know that the most operative word in our vocabulary is “flexibility”. We have learned that in order to do what God calls us to do requires us to be flexible.

In the short time we have been at this work (a little over two years), we have meet in several different places for worship, a motel lobby, an outdoor tent, in our living room and finally in a mobile home purchased by the church.

The mobile home we purchased wasn’t your typical mobile home; it is a former meth house. It was ugly and need of a lot of love and care, just like us. With the help of a partner church we did lots and lots of demolition on the house. With a former meth house, it has to be gutted to get the meth junk out of the house. So we took all the walls, insulation (what there was of it), lots of flooring and all the cabinets out. After that it aired out in good old West Texas heat for a couple of months to get all the meth stuff out of the house.

God has been blessing our efforts to convert the meth house to God’s house. From North Dakota funds were raised for drywall, a Louisiana church came and built a handicap ramp and deck, a former classmate living in Kazakhstan donated funds, another classmate paid for half the cost of replacing all the windows, a Lubbock, Texas Cowboy church donated funds for a refrigerator, a local electrician is replacing all the wiring at no cost (an $8000.00 job), a plumber is doing all the plumbing work for free, a neighbor is building a vanity for one of the bathrooms, almost all the appliances have been donated or at a very low cost, a neighbor has donated a metal storage building, and most important of all, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship grants have helped us to pay for labor to be done on the house.

We still have a ways to go, but God has been faithful to meet all our needs as we go along. We are getting closer and closer to finishing the house. But lives changed for His glory will never end. Many obstacles have popped up, but God’s people have been faithful to pray and help, as needed each time. Our mobile home park manager said to me this past week, “Y’all’s work on that house has been like tackling a mountain one step at a time, and God has been faithful all the way.”

We are still learning to flexible to how God can and will use us. Never thought we would convert a meth house into God’s house!!

Bob Cheatheam, Pastor Pleasant Hills Country Church, Abilene, TX