“I am praying for you.” Those were the parting words shared with us by Pastor Florel Mondesir, following our recent visit to his church on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We met him and his wife while on a vision trip to Haiti with Compassion International. One night, we had the opportunity to have dinner with local pastors and leaders, including Pastor Mondesir. He shared with us that he started pastoring over twenty years ago. His church began with about 20 people who prayed and asked God to provide them with a church to bless the community. Twenty years later, the church boasts over 500 children and families. Pastor Mondesir went on to share that, through prayer, they have been able to build a campus to provide schooling, meals, and a safe environment within the local community.

The next day, we were given the opportunity to see the manifestation of those prayers. We spent 5 hours at Pastor Mondesir’s church worshiping, praying, meeting, and serving the children a hot meal. Most remarkably about our visit, while Pastor Mondesir could easily be discouraged, due to the socioeconomic position of his country, he is not. In fact, at the conclusion of our time together, he took us to the side and encouraged us with these words, “I am praying for you. One day God will do this for you and your church. But, you have to keep praying.”

We share this recent experience to encourage anyone beginning a new God-ordained work. Do not be discouraged. Continue to pray. And remember, in the words of Pastor Mondesir, we are “…praying for you.”