There are many powerful images for faith sharing that have helped give renewed energy to our calling to go and make disciples. One that I have found meaningful is captured in Brian McLaren’s More Ready than you Realize. After reading this brief book over 10 years ago, I was encouraged to know that there were more natural ways to invite friends into relationship with Christ.

According to McLaren, the good news has come to us like a song, invited us to sing and dance, and naturally, we want to share the ways it has and can transform us. We begin to act upon the belief that, “If more people heard the music, their hatred would give way to reconciliation; their greed would melt into generosity; their grumbling would transform into gratitude; their mourning would be turned into dancing.” Not that I have ever considered myself a great dancer, but this image reminds me of the natural progression between entering the gospel story yourself and then inviting another to join you there. Faith sharing as dance conveys mutual respect, sharing, paying attention and connectedness.

Images are powerful ways for us to communicate what we believe and how we can invite others into life-giving relationship with Christ.

What images speak to your belief about faith sharing and disciple-making?

1 McLaren, B. (2002) More Ready Than You Realize. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.