Intentional Church Start Profile Form

Intentional Church Start Profile

  • What’s the major industry? Are there universities or colleges? Are there plans for development growth residentially, commercially, and intestinally? Explain.
  • Who are the potential partner churches in the region? What type of assets do these potential partner churches have? (Assets can be any number of things, including and not limited to: monetary resources, space, volunteers, financial administration, group health insurance, etc.) Explain.
  • Does the SRO, partner churches, or other organizational partners know of local business owners that could provide a part-time to full-time job to a bi-professional church starter? Who are those business owners and what types of businesses do they own? Explain.
  • Are there CBF inclined individuals in the area? What makes them CBF-friendly? Are these individuals interested in being a part of a new church? What is the best way to engage these groups? Explain.
  • Are there new churches starting in your state/region that do not have a denominational network? Where are these churches located? What’s the best way to engage these groups? Explain.