The scripture makes it clear that our priority should be pleasing God rather than people. If that is, indeed ,God’s will for me as a Church Starter, why is it so difficult to accomplish?

Perhaps my greatest weakness is “people pleasing”. I desperately want the approval and affection of people. I strive to gain the affection and the attention of those around me. It is also impossible for me to say NO. I have made some ridiculous decisions and over-committed myself regularly as a result.

The problem lies in the fact that even though I know better and realize the error of my ways, I haven’t been able after over 30 years of ministry, to make significant changes.

I still say YES far too often when the logical and wise answer should be NO.

My prayer this evening is simply “Lord, give me the wisdom and the courage to reorder my life and ministry with the priority becoming pleasing You. I have failed in my repeated attempts to please everyone around me. Put the word NO in my vocabulary and teach me to use it when it’s appropriate.”

I suspect that many of you in the Church Starting world would find benefit in repeating that same prayer. Our tasks are many and our time and energy is limited. We must learn to use those precious commodities to gain favor with our God rather than people!