Hello everyone. We are Fredricc and Kan’Dace Brock,  lead pastors of The Message Church in San Antonio, Texas. Though recently commissioned, our journey started 4 years ago following a move from an established church in Michigan back to our home state of Texas. After an affirming conversation with Andy Hale, we knew it was time to do what God was calling us to do; start a church. Throughout our journey, we have learned some nuggets of wisdom that we want to share with you:

  1. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer- Before getting started, and choosing a church name, make sure you are praying. Prayer is going to be your greatest asset and spiritual responsibility as you look to discern what God is calling you to do. We took an entire year to pray before we engaged CBF. We wanted to ensure that we were not operating from a place of hurt related to our previous context, but from a place of peace to do God’s will.


  1. Planning is essential- If you are not a planner by nature, you will need to learn because church starting is all about planning. In our home office, we keep a whiteboard with all of the activities happening in the life of The Message Church, our family, and our LLC. Organization and planning are going to be your best friend.



  1. Build and nurture solid relationships- This is essential for your personal growth and resiliency. In the beginning, we would be the only ones at Bible study. Honestly, we thought it was crazy to keep going to the church week after week, but it was relationships with local pastors and other friends, that encouraged us to keep going. We are so glad because, one evening, just as we were about to pack up early, a family of 6 walked in ready for Bible study. This family has remained with the church and continued to be some of the greatest partners of The Message Church.


  1. Remember you are NOT alone!- Ministry can be lonely at times. Couple that with church starting, and you have the perfect recipe for what can become a major challenge. Remember, God did not call you to the task without the grace and materials needed to complete it. Utilize your CBF family as a source of strength, networking, and a safe place to share your thoughts and concerns.

And last, but definitely not least…

  1. Get started!- It is that simple. Get started. You will always find a reason why you cannot get started, but God has called you, prepared you, and equipped you for “such a time as this.” Remember Proverbs 3:4-5 and, know that God will direct your path.