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Longing For Belonging

A feeling of community, elusive though it may be, can be an immense blessing to a church starter. In our journey to establish and build Mosaic Fellowship, finding that sense of community, both internal and external, came slowly. In the early months, when we couldn’t...

Podcast: Melissa Rogers

A Conversation with Melissa Rogers     The pursuit of genuine religious freedom goes beyond the boundaries of American Evangelicalism and seeks these liberties for people of all faiths. Within a troubling culture of bigotry and religious zealotry, education and the...

Shiloh Restoration Church

Shiloh Restoration Church If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me said the Lord. This is a powerful statement of our Lord, for all of us who want to follow him. I am pleased to see how everyone today want to be a...

Leading Others; Leading Self

My first call experience with a church was pleasant. The search committee was clear and respectful. The people were enjoyable to be around. While the job description and title was primarily going to focus on youth ministry, I would also get to teach and preach some,...