Sabbaticals can often emerge at just the right time. For Bo Prosser, a global denominational leader, it could not have come at a better time. “The brink of burnout comes faster than you’d think. I wasn’t sleeping well. Mentally, I didn’t want to think about anything of great significance. My empathy level was way down. I am a people person and I just frankly found myself not wanting to be around people,” said Prosser.

Some professionals take on Sabbatical to work on a research project or to simply rest. Prosser approached his six-month hiatus to work on his health, spiritual capacity, leadership development, numerous coaching certifications, and how he can best serve the Fellowship moving forward.

Join us as we peek into the life and work of a CBF Global veteran of more than 15 years.

Bo Prosser is the CBF Coordinator of Organizational Relationships, author of numerous books, and a mentor to countless congregations and ministers across the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

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Andy Hale leads Church Starts Initiative of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Hale is a CBF church starter who serves pastor of Mosaic of Clayton in Clayton, N.C.