Being a mission church, reaching young marrieds with children is a challenge. In our culture, there seems to be only one working (as in successful) church model in following Jesus’ mandate to “make disciples” (Matthew 28:19a). Thus, we see the mega-churches getting bigger, because they have all the “bells and whistles.”

But the Lord has provided another way for us at Christchurch Cairo. Because I am a Hospice chaplain, I am constantly ministering to families who have no church home. As I form relationships with them, they eventually ask me, “Where do you preach?” Or, “Do you have a church?” This provides an open door.  Some families have found us this way.  So, if you missed it, let me restate our unique model for “making disciples.” First, relationships are formed and bonds are established. Then, they begin attending our church on Sunday evening or our discipleship study on Tuesday night. This is not exactly “Flakes’ Formula” as I was taught in Christian Education classes years ago; but it works! And, as the saying goes, “Unchurched people know unchurched people.” Thus, our ministry list grows. This is giving us an opportunity to share Jesus’ love in an unconventional way. I’ll say it in the way that a former nun, former Catholic said it at our last Tuesday night’s discipleship study, “This is MY church!”

Thank you for praying for us as we think outside the box.

Your Servant in Christ,

Ron McCaskill