2520731995_ff1aa83e88_b copySam Hestorff, church planter and pastor of Logos Dei Community Church, recently posted this thought-provoking blog entry by Will Willimon on our Facebook page.  Willimon challenges seminaries and all of us to consider the type of leaders that are needed in the church today.  In his research, Willimon claims,

We found that too many of our pastors want to be John on Patmos, dreaming dreams and seeing visions, when what we badly need is Paul in Corinth, doing the tough, persistent, measureable work required to initiate new communities of faith.  If that much touted moniker “servant leader” means anything, it means someone who is willing to submit to what the institution now needs doing for the common good in this time and place.  Mainline churches who want to be part of God’s future need leadership by impatient instigators rather than patient caretakers for the ecclesial status quo.

As those starting and pastoring new churches, there is no doubt a particular set of leadership skills required to meet the demands of this daunting task.  It is easy to slip into maintenance mode and into the patient caretaker role.  Remaining the impatient instigator is much more difficult.

In your ministry of faith sharing and church starting, what has helped you to do the tough, persistent, measurable work?

How do you wish you had been more prepared for your role as leader of a new or existing faith community?

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