The following is a round-table discussion among the pastors of CBF church start, Grace Baptist Church, in Round Rock, Texas.
QuestionWhat has been your greatest joy in planting Grace Baptist Church?

Kyle: I cherish participating in our vision becoming reality. There is nothing more fulfilling so far than discerning God’s will as a community and then collectively acting out of that calling. The tension of discovering who we want to be along with who we are shapes our evolving identity.

Michael: I agree, Kyle. The growing identity of this church has been so eye-opening for me. It’s been a blessing to see that we are embracing an open and ecumenical posture to the community, as well as in our own worship…it is really driving as unique of an identity for a church as I have ever been a part of.

Aurelia: My biggest joy has been witnessing Grace become a real refuge for our people. To be a part of creating a safe and open space for authenticity and honesty in worship, spiritual formation and community is truly an indescribable experience.

Matt: This has been one of the best experiences of my life. In addition to what’s been said above, I would add that it has been enlivening and empowering to have freedom in creating liturgy, processes, and traditions. Additionally (and in true baptist fashion), I love to see our people leading in various ways throughout the church. We are being “built together in Christ, becoming a holy temple in the Lord…”

Aurelia: To piggy-back off of Matt, I also love the creating and creative process of Grace. I love that we are open to creativity and encourage the whole congregation to create along with us. It’s a great feeling to be able to incorporate ancient church tradition and create our own traditions, but then also have an openness to new things and change from week to week.

 Kyle: The spiritual togetherness as a result of our holistic service, worship, and growth is just flat out fun. I knew church planting would be enjoyable, but this is truly a blast! Experiencing formation together brings great joy to my pastoral service–although, this is also something that takes time and patience!

Michael: I have been a part of church plants before…and one common element of a thriving, young, church is the willingness of the people to do anything. From hosting mid-week get-togethers, teaching Grace Groups or watching the toddlers during service – our people are willing to serve each other in any way.

Matt: One additional facet of this church planting experience to mention is that Grace is filling a niche within our community. It has been both affirming and fulfilling to hear so many of our people say, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”


About the pastors of Grace Baptist Church: Kyle Tubbs is the Lead Pastor, Aurelia Davila Pratt serves as Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Michael Evans is the Pastor of Worship and Arts and Matthew Hanzelka serves as the Pastor of Ministry and Missions. You can see full bios and more information on their church start here.