DSC_0999Faith sharing and church starting can be a very isolating adventure.  Some of you are living miles from home immersed in a new culture.  Others are the only ministers serving your faith community, and have little time or opportunity to nurture relationships with others in similar roles.

One way we can encourage one another is by sharing stories and resources through this mission community.

Here is how this will work:

Every couple of months, a new topic will be introduced.  An initial post about that topic will start the conversation, and  will also serve as a call for contributions.  You can either comment on an existing post or create your own post and email it to me.  It can be short or not-so-short.  It can include photos, links, video clips or questions related ot the topic.  The idea is that by collaborating with one another, we can help each other creatively address challenges and also celebrate what seems to be working well in our various contexts.

All that said, I’d like to introduce our first topic:  Space

In My Top 10 Church Planting Tips from 2013, Aaron Damiani wrote, “worship space is hugely influential to the development of your church, and finding the right venue can be as much a spiritual battle as it is a logistical one.”  Determining your primary meeting place can be a very exciting decision and it can also be quite stressful.  Space, whether for community formation, worship or mission is important.  Where we meet says something about the kind of church we are, the type of ministry we are shaping and even what we believe about God, the church and those we hope might join us.

Faith communities are choosing to occupy a variety of spaces these days.  Everything from coffee shops to church buildings and dinner tables are helping people connect with God and one another.  You can find ides everywhere on how to design a space, including on Pinterest.

What about you and your ministry?

What kind of meeting space are you inhabiting?

How is your current community space helping fulfill your mission?

What are its challenges and limitations?

What ideas, resources or stories might you share to help us explore this topic?

Please respond in the comments section below.