Strengthened Through the Struggle

  Did you know that one plus one equals eleven? It is true in “spiritual mathematics” when it comes to unity. Ecclesiastes 4:12b informs us, ” A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (NIV). Our church start has been hit hard by sickness. Three of our faithful members have under-gone cancer related surgeries. Another member has had a heart attack. And still, our church has found a way to give substantial gifts to Global Missions, to assist refugees, as well as to the trust fund set up in honor of Frank Broome, our retiring Georgia Executive Director. These health-related struggles have served to draw us even closer and to make us stronger.

   Many years ago, I, as a young pastor, was venting my frustration with an older, seasoned minister. After listening patiently to me, he responded, “It is the struggle that makes us strong.” To drive the point home, he continued, “Didn’t your football coach have you to lift weights to make you stronger?”  Then it all made sense. Through the right attitude, the spiritual dimension struggles have served to strengthen our faith and to draw us closer as a church family.  Each member of our church family has “stepped up to the plate.” Our level of unity is stronger than ever…. thanks to trouble! One plus one really does equal eleven.

Listening for His still small voice,

Ron McCaskill