Even though I am a new church starter, God had told me years ago to return to my hometown, Roanoke Rapids, NC where I was born and reared to start a church.  He said that many of his people had lost their hope and it is his desire that we spend eternity with him. He gave me the name, HOPE (Helping Others Prepare for Eternity) Christian Fellowship Church, yet because of various challenges and uncertainties, I was unable to see how I could possibly fulfill this call until I learned about CBF.

As I journey with my core group and understand that there are several denominations and churches in our area, we discussed the importance of having a means to identify ourselves from other churches.  It was at this time that we decided to make T-Shirts for uniformity as we venture out in the community to evangelize.  The people fell in love with the idea and had an immediate emotional and spiritual connection.  The words of one person, “Finally, I feel that I am truly accepted in a church even though I don’t have the finer things in life.”  Another said, “I feel that my hope has been jumpstarted.”  It was at this point that I realized how important it is to brand our church.  Branding is just as important for a new church planter as it is for a large seasoned church.  It is our way of defining our church, our core group and congregation to others.  It embodies who we are, our core values and goals.

The heart or core value of our church is to provide HOPE through Jesus Christ. Our primary goal is Helping Others Prepare for Eternity through a daily walk with Jesus Christ.  As we evangelize, everyone is equipped to share the bold statement that we are, “A Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is in Charge.”

HOPE Christian Fellowship Church

Rev. Dr. Carrie Jarrell Tuning, Pastor