Growing up in Kentucky, you are naturally introduced to the staple of our state. Every Kentuckian is familiar with Thoroughbred Horse racing, Kentucky Bourbon and Kentucky Basketball. Due to my status as a Baptist ministers kid, I was encouraged to gravitate towards basketball and to guard against the ills of gambling and drunkenness. So I became an intense Kentucky basketball fan and remain such to this very day. The story I want to share with you is birthed out of that heritage. Back in the late 70’s due to broadcast rules, many college basketball games were broadcast on tape delay as opposed to live. A game that was played at 7:30 pm might be shown on local TV at 11:30 pm in order to comply with the rules.

On one particular occasion, Kentucky had an important game at LSU. Both teams were highly ranked and neither liked each other at all. I determined that I would wait until the tape delayed broadcast to find out the outcome and avoided hearing the score of the game as it was played in real time. At 11:30pm my good friend, Larry and I turned the TV on began to watch and hope and pray for victory. The game was very close. Neither team managed to generate a lead of more than 3 or 4 points. It was an intense, back and forth rivalry game and I was on the edge of my seat, screaming at the players and referees and deeply concerned about a possible loss. As the game reached its final minutes and my anxiety was at peak level, I noticed my friend had fallen asleep. I yelled at him, unsure of why he was not as deeply concerned as I, “Larry what’s wrong with you!? We could lose the game is in the balance. Don’t you care?” Larry awoke and very calmly replied, “Chill out, relax, I heard the score before I came over, and we won by 3 points!!! “

You understand the wisdom gained that night is that the person who already knows the outcome has a completely different perspective than one who does not.

As a church starter, it may seem that many of our outcomes hang in the balance. What will our ministries look like a year from now? Will we lose or gain momentum? Will God bless or will everything fall apart? Anxiety and even fear often overcome our confidence and sleepless nights are far too common.

May I remind you of something that is so easy to forget? WE ALREADY KNOW WHO IS GOING TO WIN! The one who called us to this important ministry has assured us of the victory. Certainly there will be struggles and trials, but the ultimate victory will belong to those who are faithful. It might not seem like it at the moment, but we are going to win. God has promised it and given us a calling to victory. So chill out and relax, God’s got this!