We’ve all seen the signs, and know they rarely give adequate representation to the good news we want to share.  One liners that do not leave any room for response seldom create opportunities for conversation.  In fact, they often give off an air of self-righteousness that shuts down any communication between a church and its community.

This article recently posted by the Red Letter Christians entitled “We’ll Need More than Signs” claims just that.  Writer Micah Bales asserts that we will need more than pithy signage to really engage people in honest conversation.   If this is true, the questions for us is: How will we invite people to engage in our new church starts?  What will be the metaphorical “signs”  that invite people to engage in the good news as lived out through our communities of faith? 

If it’s not going to be through clever church signage, then what will communicate or invite others to be a part?

I’d love to hear your ideas.


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