People ask me why I am a CBF church starter and it always comes back to how CBF does missions. Particularly how CBF does church planting. CBF is a “freeing” mission organization. They free us church starters to do what the Spirit of Christ leads us to do. We are not locked into a formulaic method of church starting.
When I was at the church starting retreat in North Carolina back in August. I was excited and impressed with each church plant being very different.
Cookie cutter church planting in our day just doesn’t work. Heard a famous Baptist preacher (who will remain nameless to protect his shame), say he would like to see churches planted all over the US to look just like a successful one he knew of. It doesn’t work that way!
Each church and new church plant is unique and fits that community. Our church plant is not like any other church plant. And by the same token, each church planter is not like others. We meet in a converted drug infested mobile home. It really was an ugly place and just like us, it has been transformed for His glory.
CBF frees me to go as God leads in our church planting endeavors. It is not like any other. For that I am extremely grateful. I don’t want our church to look like any other church, anymore than my faith in Christ is not like any other.
Thank you CBF for freeing us to go and do as God asks us to do.