Coaching Network

Coaching is an intentional relationship between the person being coached and a professional coaching, developing and working on tangible goals through a conversation.

  • Create tangible goals for the new church
  • Enhance the quality of your pastoral abilities
  • Achieve personal goals, including healthy self-care practices
  • Develop a dynamic leadership team
  • Bridge the gap between present realities and future possibilities
  • Clarify a personal and ecclesial vision of success
  • Explore new possibilities for responding to the challenges of the new church start process
  • Determine action steps to move forward following each meeting

Coaches are trained to listen, observe, and customize the approach to individual person’s needs.

The coach begins with the assumption that you are naturally creative and resourceful.

Stable of Church Start Coaches 

CBF has a stable of church start coaches. Our coaches are professionally trained.

Since our coaches are experienced church starters, this adds an enhanced layer of wisdom to each coaching call.

Coaches help church starter to be strategic, prayerful, and intentional about how he or she is approaching self-care, leadership development, ecclesial goals, and pastoral abilities.

Coaches listen deeply and frame powerful questions to encourage and promote discovery, discernment and possibilities that are realistic and attainable.

Need a Coach? 

For those we choose to commission, CBF provides three years of paid professional coaching.

The cost of each coaching call is $100.

If you are interested in coaching, contact New Church Starts Manager, Kyle Tubbs, who will ask you to write a brief description of your ministry context, strategic goals, and desired outcome for coaching.