Exploratory Conference is the next step in the partnership process with CBF.

Candidates invited to the conference have completed the church start discernment cohort, have shown development in his or her church start through visioning or core group development, and are living in the location of the new church start.

Along with church start colleagues and state/regional/global CBF staff, candidates will enter into dialogue around the following areas:

  • Leadership & core group development 
  • Self-care strategies 
  • Contextual church start development
  • Visioning a church start plan 
  • Financial planning & fundraising
  • Helpful tools for the church starter 

Exploratory is an opportunity to:

  • Learn (listen well, participate fully, examine options and support, ask questions)
  • Get acquainted with other candidates and better acquainted with staff
  • Pray (for one another, for those ‘back home,’ and for God’s guidance in our future together)

To best prepare for the contextual nature of exploratory, candidates prepare several assignments for the conference, including:

  • Leadership and Strength-Based Assessments
  • Church Start Presentation
  • Coaching Goals