In this month, we had 3 events that had an impact in our church. We started Andres operation, this is a strategy to invite new people to our congregation based in John 1:40-41. Andres meet Jesus, found in him to the Messiahs went to Pedro tell him that he founded the Messiahs and invited to meet Jesus. The strategy of the operation is invite people around us to meet Jesus. Praying for them foe a month and find the Kairos for a spiritual conversation and could invite them to the church to one special services.

Other important celebration was Friday before Mother’s Day, when we invite all the mothers of our church to have a social meeting, where we talk about the legacy of our mothers, we share gifts, and we remember the mothers that in presence of God, at the end the church makes a gift to every mother of our congregation.

Two pastors from our congregation participate in a congress about small group church, that provide for them impulse and strategy to the call they have to expand the walls of our church. They open with their family a small group in Hialeah city, which is the most Latino city in the USA, the majority of the population are Cubans, they already had 3 meetings with attending of 8 people.