Innovation Groups

Innovation Groups are gatherings of people forming together to discover something new, maybe a new church start.

Is there a dream emerging through you for the Kingdom of God? Would you like to form together with others who are also seeking a new way of being the church?

Let CBF’s  Church Starts Initiative be a catalyst of support for your community.


New church starts are conceived in a number of ways. They don’t always begin with an individual church starter, but among a community of people discerning something new. What starts as an informal gathering can quickly transform into an intentional process of discovering this new thing God is doing. CBF seeks to intentionally journey alongside innovation groups with training, coaching, and resources. The initiative centers on visioning, forming, and engaging this new thing God is calling groups to.


Innovation groups seeking to start churches with the Fellowship are invited to engage in a free discernment cohort. As groups journey through this two-way discernment process, the groups learn more about how to establish an identify, form a shared vision, dream of new possibilities, expand their community, and engage the new church start. The process for each group is contextual and organic. Each group takes on a different form, timeline, and vision.


Since the process will look very different for each group, the formation of a partnership with CBF will be equally diverse. Following the discernment cohort, innovation groups may enter into partnership with CBF in a number of ways: Enter into coaching covenant; Apply for a new church start grant; Network to discovering a church starter.


Check out a sample of the group discernment process here.

Innovation Group Quick Links

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