Carly is a young woman who works at a restaurant near where Cindy Levesque, one of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s field personnel, teaches English. “She comes from a poor family in a rural area, and has no higher education, but is self-taught in English. We befriended her and always asked for her to take our order since we could not read the Chinese menu,” Levesque said. “We invited her to church worship and church English classes, and she gradually began to attend weekly with us. Since that time, she has accepted Christ.”

When Levesque broke her ankle, Carly would come every Sunday to help her carry her bag to the bus stop, then help her throughout her long day of church and English classes. “Carly and I became good friends,” Levesque said. “I know that because when we are walking together, she grabs my hand and holds it closely in hers — this is the Chinese girls’ way of showing affection and care.”